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Welcome to The Debrief club where our team is rebelliously curious in exploring frontier science and innovative technology. Our Clubhouse topics will range from science, technology, defense, aerospace and UAP's. Experts and scientists, along with the Debrief team will moderate group discussions and give members a chance to ask questions and learn a little more from trustworthy academics.

Debrief Moderators:
Micah Hanks
Tim McMillan
MJ Banias
Chrissy Newton
Cristina Gomez
Michael Mataluni
Christopher Plain
Ryan Sprague

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The Debrief is a news site providing a public venue for credible reporting on science, tech, and defense news, with an eye for the cutting edge science and technology of tomorrow.

Our fundamental belief is that the world of tomorrow is built on the progress and imagination of today.

Noticing a significant gap in rigorous reporting on frontier technology, future science, the world of defense, and knowledge on the periphery of human understanding, we aspire to raise the bar on the discussion of these issues, always with a mind for fairness in reporting, a respect for national security, and the hope for a bright future for humankind

The Debrief was launched to explore and report on developments in science, defense and intelligence, frontier technology, and knowledge that exists on the periphery of human understanding. We operate under the core belief that the novel frontiers in science and technology are the incubator from which transformative and non-linear innovation is born. We aspire to bring attention to innovations in a number of fields and disciplines through informed–and fair–reporting and media coverage. Where warranted, we also believe phenomena in nature that approaches areas where scientific paradigms currently do not extend must also be examined, and discussed with journalistic integrity and rigor.

Transparency, whether in areas of government or media and journalism, is of great importance to us. The Debrief was launched as an independent endeavor, homebuilt and self-funded at the time of its launch by us, and aimed at exploring the concepts that fascinate us with journalistic integrity and rigor.

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