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Updated: Nov 30, 2022


This club is a networking space for fascinating people around the globe, who are driven by thoughtful discourse, change and development.

We host weekly interactive panel talks, interviewing inspiring personalities, who are sharing their challenges and the strategy behind their successes. Enforcing a community of entrepreneurs, including CEO‘s, partners, managing directors, who are tackling essential issues in the business world and are willing to spread their wisdom to overcome challenges. Moreover, we are seeking for industry professionals across all different sectors such as technology, economics, history, politics, tourism, media, healthcare, art, music and sport and many more.

We want each and everyone to be empowered and ready to overcome challenges in their daily life by retrieving motivational and valuable knowledge from the speakers. This is a club for positive, like-minded and hard working people who are always seeking for new challenges in life.

If you have someone in your network that inspires you and you would like to add this person to the club, don’t hesistate to nominate members for this club. (+)

For any inquiries regarding guest speaker invitations, collaborations or simply questions about the club or previously hold rooms, feel free to contact me through Instagram @alessi_soph

Last 30 Records

Day Members Gain % Gain
March 10, 2022 1,600 +20 +1.3%
November 21, 2021 1,580 -1 -0.1%
November 17, 2021 1,581 +3 +0.2%
November 05, 2021 1,578 -1 -0.1%
October 30, 2021 1,579 +2 +0.2%
October 28, 2021 1,577 +14 +0.9%
August 18, 2021 1,563 +1 +0.1%
August 17, 2021 1,562 -4 -0.3%
August 16, 2021 1,566 +1 +0.1%
August 15, 2021 1,565 +1 +0.1%


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