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Neurophenomenologist🌳Forest bather🍄Raised by Hobbits🦄Pan-animist⛲️🔥 Molecular positive Dyslexic✨🐒lover of humor and wisdom💭recovering aesthetic🐇

I practice life.

Do you ever feel you're being followed by the circus?

It is estimated that only 10% of caves have been discovered. Let's find the others.

After the cars are gone we can ride our bikes without getting run over...

"To see a candle's light one must take it into a dark place."
Ursula K. Le Guin

Think deeply, Be gentle.
Look within. Ask, if you wonder or not.

'seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against love'

Precision Kaleidoscope Maker🔎🎪
Antique Time Machine Repair 🕰
Askmeabout Deep time🔜🔙
Phenomenology 👁
Certified Permaculture teacher💦💥🧬
Certified Eco-Village Designer🏡🏠🏘🏡
over 35 years of living in Community🏘
Natural builder🌳
Fermentation dula🍇🥬
OG Biohacker 🧬
Renegade Frontier Ethno-pharmacologist🥀
Adventure traveler on a shoestring🎈
Plant medicine🥀🌵🌾🍄s are gods
Finds ghosts in museums...really
Druidic tendencies🌳🌲🌳
Archery meditation 🏹
Sailing and small craft⛵️🛶
Circus life🎪🎡🎠🤹‍♀️🎢
All things altered states🌵🔬⚗️🔭🍄
Nature Deficit Dysphoria antidote💐

Guilty pleasure. 1 Watching Food Wars with my teenage daughter (she introduced it to me)

Life is suffering, let’s do it!

Rooms under construction:
•Post apocalypse folk art
•Does Poly make you crackers?

Creator of Nature of Reaction
Museum of Future Anthropology
www.nature of

Our Future Ancestors have a great interest in what We leave behind,
creating shrines, adorning themselves
and telling stories about Us as true
as what We read online.
MY art is meant to cause
An existential conundrum
You can hold in Your hands.

we believe in your magic powers.

🍄We found stardust💫on the wreckage

Lifetime resident and steward of ghost-town Eco-village wilderness Permaculture retreat center with geo-marked trails cavescreeksandcliffs and camping.
Home grown Vanilla.
Committed PolyΩPlatonic Sapiosexual 👅🧠
Sovereign Bonded⭕️& aware of mild Narcissistic tendencies.

Already Connecting with you in the "noosphere" always and forever.

Peace is down hill, ask the water.

reality bats last

🪐We apologize for any discomfort🪐

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Invited by: Susie Price

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