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Am On F.I.R.E 🔥How? Why?
Since 90’s 📈Stock Investor &
🏡Real Estate Investor-Class A&C
Licensed Financial Advisor
Life Purpose: Helping Everyone to
Build a LEGACY

❤️EMPOWER others to be
IN their own POWER

🙏🏽 Woman of God
🇺🇸Military Veteran
🏀Army & Collegiate
📚Daughter read by 2 invested at 7 🏌️Golf
Boards Member: Big Brothers Big Sisters *VConnections (4 Veterans)

Firm D & I Global Collaborative- Selected from 49,000 employees (1 of 45)

Shine on.. shine on. Don’t dull your shine to make others feel comfortable about your success. Bring them along too by giving them the tools that you have to assist them! Deliver more than what is expected.❤️LINDA SIMS❤️2020

~My life strategies have allowed me to “retire” early, but I want to share all of my life lessons to help others. Thus, my next goal to conquer is financial literacy for everyone- but especially women.

Former Customers-
⚾️Major League Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher- Bob Feller
🎶Patti LaBelle (who wanted to cook dinner for me)
The O’Jay’s and Gerald LeVert
🎬Bette Midler

🏈NFL 2021 Super Bowl Winning Godmom, cousin Tampa Bay Bucs
#33 Jordan Whitehead
NFL Raiders Facyson #35

How? By helping individuals and businesses organize, build, protect and transfer wealth by using a unique,
all-encompassing financial plan with a personalized level of service where clients feel valued and completely understood.

Financial Literacy for everyone
by explaining everything in analogies or via stories for the laymen to understand completely.

For Whom? Clientele-Hard working and smart working people with a dream to fulfill.
Women- Divorcees, Women
who need a plan to build their wealth and protect it
Couples- Dual and collaborative strategies along with separate and individualistic planning
Children- Legacy creators to educate and build on literacy

Where- Throughout the USA 🇺🇸


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