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Updated: Jun 6, 2021


This group amplifies women in leadership. We will cover a multitude of topics: parenting, living mindfully, building community, networking, balancing career and home life, running for office, supporting DEI work, LGBTQIA community, encouragement and support. When we support women we lift up ALL of society! 🗣 Monday, Wednesdays & Friday at 2:30 pm MST (1-1.5 hr) Follow and DM @adoerofstuff to discuss topics you want to cover together.


Respect Air Time

Allowing everyone a chance to contribute is important. Be mindful of the air time and giving ample time for members to share their thoughts as well. We will show respect to all that wish to share.

Words Matter

We may not always get it right but let’s use our words thoughtfully and with grace. We will not tolerate slurs or insults of any kind.

Kindness is Contagious

Bring kindness with you and leave with it. Kindness can change your whole day and those around you. This is a safe space to share with one another.

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