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Updated: Jan 30, 2023
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📍Los Angeles, California 🇫🇷

🖤May the skill of a “QUICK”adaptation be the key to your salvation. #stickwithgod

Can you change your entire life in a year? six months?

Absolutely. It often takes just a split second.

Remember this, you are only ever one solid decision away from a completely different lifestyle.

👇Do these “NOT EASY but SIMPLE” things and don’t fuck up because otherwise I bet you a taco 🌮 that nothing will change or happen in your life other than disappointment.

1-Take action
2-Follow through
3-Move Forward.

Last but not least, always keep learning!📚🔎

In that order! 🫵🏼

Seriously, do smart people know that they are not smart? 🧐

Lastly, I recently was given this advice without even asking so I’m just passing it on, hope it makes you as excited as it made me when I read it:

🦏“Take life by the horns, and it will let you ride on its back.”

Nice uh? You’re welcome! 😉

🛑Other 💩 worth mentioning but you don’t really need to read it. But do what you makes you happy aight. Here it is:

Social Media Doesn’t Change You. Social Media Only Exposes YOU!

Open your eyes… even open your mind. 😉

#bethebest #fucktherest #stayhard #beyourownlight

🙏 Sé tu propia luz. Pero sobre todo, quédate con DIOS👑

🦍”Los medios sociales no te cambian. Solamente te exponen.”

I’d like to thank God in advance for the pleasure that I’ll experience when I look back and admire my masterpiece. 🖼 👌🙌

⚠️The ideas, opinions, and beliefs expressed here are those of my own.

Don’t be nice but please be kind!🥷

And while you are at it, how about instead of bitching and complaining why don’t you try to actually have fun while getting it done uh!?

Stay hangry my friend!


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