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Updated: Apr 6, 2023


Welcome to THE Official Real Estate Club where you can network, learn about all sects of real estate throughout the world, work on script practice, ask other professionals questions, discuss the current market and educate others on your specific real estate field.

*Please invite at least 5 others to this club* and be introduced like a sports all-star on ESPN by Founder and MC Brett Ari Fischer 🎤

Get Advice from Speakers Such As:
Lenders 🦁 Attorneys 🦁 Appraisers 🦁
Realtors 🦁 Contractors 🦁 Developers 🦁 Investors 🦁 Coaches 🦁 Property Managers 🦁 Title Reps 🦁 Investors 🦁 Inspectors 🦁

Join this one-stop shop platform, discussing absolutely everything real estate. If you would like to be a speaker / host your own weekly show, or you have suggestions / general questions, please DM Founder Brett Ari Fischer on Instagram at TheNewYorkCityBroker.

Thank you, everyone and welcome to
THE Official Real Estate Club! 🏡


Please Invite Others

In order to give access to as many people interested in real estate as possible, please invite others here. The more people in this group, the better speakers and discussions we will have available.

Please Be Respectful

In order to grow, it is powerful to have differing opinions on different topics. When communicating these ideas, please be respectful of your approach. Different chat names have different standards.

Please Have Fun

Most importantly, have a great time! We want to help educate others, while learning new material as well. This is a wonderful platform for networking and improving our business. Have fun with this!!

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October 27, 2021 484 -4 -0.9%
August 17, 2021 488 -115 -19.1%


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