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Updated: Jun 26, 2022
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My latest book “Be a Force of Nature” now available on Amazon!

Located in Harrisburg South Central Pennsylvania USA

Crazy John Kerecz got his start in the public eye on radio back in 1979, since then he has had bit parts in movies, authored books. (Which most can be found on Amazon by searching on his name.) Been in two Hall of fame's and played in plenty of establishments around the country as the bass player or keyboardist in numerous bands. Recently he had his most life and perspective changing experience by going to Russia and flying to the edge of space in a MIG-29 fighter jet. This was a lifelong bucket list item that started from watching Star Trek in the sixties!

🧬 Transhumanist
🚀 Explore Mars
💰 Bitcoin: investor & miner
🎸 Music: Grammy nominated
⚡️ Energy
🌏 Environmental Engineering
🥋 Martial Arts/Fitness
🎥 Movie/TV Production

Invited by: GEDINA

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