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Experiencing philosophical world

Research & Study:
- Epistemology & Philosophy of Mind

- Investigate the possibility and modality (quality) of knowledge is formed in transcendent philosophy (wisdom)

- Study the possibility and (philosophical) foundation of knowledge is formed from German idealist thinkers viewpoint

- Study Rumi's epistemology system (gnostic/holistic ideology) - - acknowledging human spirit (humanity content) and an association between human being and the origin

- Study how formes the nature of cognition and the role of meaning in human personal identity from German idealist thinkers point of view

- Investigate the nature of mind and its state of being from Russell & German idealist thinkers point of view

- Researcher and lecturer in philosophy areas.
(lecturing in Šarḥ al-manẓuma -philosophy part, AL-shawahid AL-rububiyah ’ written by ‘Sadr aldin Ghavami Shirazi’)
- History of analytic philosophy,
-Teaching Metaphysics base on Western Continental philosopher's viewpoints, relying on L'Expérience métaphysique Jean Wahl.

- Teaching theoretical mysticism based on Fusus al-hikam,
teaching Rumi's epistemology based and description of Masnavi relying on Masnavi and Divan-i Shams-i Tabriz and ...

- How lucky I am that social networks haven’t highly devolved yet when I was floating myself with scientific narcissism!

And if so, I would undoubtedly express myself and consequently, I would be more remorseful than what I am now. Through that pried of time, I was barking up a wrong tree, I was obsessed with seeking the meaning of life in educated and perplexing words and lecturing books having complicated titles.

قد صرفنا العمر فی بحث العلومی
لم تفد بحثنا غیر الهمومی

کل عمر ضاع فی غیر الحبیبی
لم یکن فیه سوی الحصره نصیبی

بگذریم که حبیب چیست؟ و یا کیست؟

Poet and Calligrapher here and there.

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