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Updated: Jul 3, 2022
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🗣 My first name is pronounced “Po-Chewt” or simply call me “Saliha” 😊
💼 Language Assistant @ a Global Consulting Firm (MBB) in Jakarta 🇮🇩

📍Banda Aceh, Indonesia

👩🏻‍🎓 Double degree in Communication sciences & English Language Education

🧕🏼an INFJ (ex-ENFP, not sure what changed me 😂)

👀 December 1993

🇯🇵 University of Fukui Student Exchange Program (UFSEP) 2013-2014 (福井大学)
🇹🇷 LOCALINTERNational 2016,
🇮🇩 ASEAN Youth Volunteer Program (AYVP) DRR Leader 2017,
🇦🇺 Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) 2020 👉🏼 The commencement of my master degree got postponed to Aug 2022 (iA) due to border restriction. You know, 🦠😅😂

🌏 Language, Travel, Food, & Culture Enthusiast

👋🏻 Kindly ping me on the following topics:
▪️Career development
▪️Self and/or Spiritual development (connection to God, religion, esp. Islam)
▪️Quran recitation/ reflection/ enhancement, dhikr, shalawat
▪️Human relationships (issues or experiences around friendship, pre-marital counseling, marriage, family, parenting)
▪️Travel (hacks, experiences, info, tips, culture, language, food)
▪️Social issues (Women empowerment, mental health, inclusivity, education, sustainability, etc.)
▪️ Financial literacy (investment, financial planning)
▪️Self-care (Skin, hair, body, mental)

I think those are several topics I listen since I join CH. Will add more later 🙂

Please send me a message if you want to connect with me via Instagram as I don’t always recognize ppl I meet on CH (and I don’t accept random people request on my IG as well 😅)


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