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Updated: Oct 2, 2022
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“The Exceptionality Catalyst”
CONQUER The Uncomfortable,
UNLEASH your Potential.
Pjero’s Exceptionality Effect, Leads to the Exceptionality model, helping clients Create their Exceptionality Blueprint!!!

Partnering with Business owners and influences who are ready to conquer the uncomfortable!

Member of: Giraffe Tower

Unearth the Truth behind the lies you’ve been telling yourself!

📲 https://linktr.ee/Pjeromardesic

How many leaders do you know of where their marriages are on the rocks, they are disassociated from their children, they use some form of substance abuse, ie alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex etc to mask / cope with the pressure of their mental health issues, ie depression, anxiety, overwhelm, imposter syndrome and the like. Ever noticed how mental health is palatable to talk about in the workplace at the employee level buts its NEVER spoken about at the senior leadership level. Stigmatisation does exist.

VA agency https://www.linkedin.com/in/hellokristineflores

Top 100 up and coming Entrepreneurs Globally spring edition 2021
Top 40 under 40 growing Entrepreneur, spring edition 2021

🏎Formula 1
📼 80’s kid
🤡 Class clown turned Motivational Speaker
🍆🍑24yr Addiction survivor!
🧬🧠8yrs clean from addiction!

Amen brain health coach
Counselling Psychology Practitioner of Modern applied Psychology
Hermetic psychology
Drug, Alcohol, Anxiety & Depression Counsellor
Domestic violence Therapist
CBT, DBT, TLT (Therapist)
Grief & Bereavement Counsellor
Child Counselling Practitioner
Master NLP Practitioner
Personal trainer, body building, powerlifter, under 16, over 65, pre and post natal trainer.
*2 decades of sales and customer service ground floor to certified managerial roles across a multitude of industry.
*Dale Carnegie online trainer and educator
*Sales Psychology & Social Wisdom

Labels don’t define you - The only thing that defines you, is the way you speak to yourself, and talk to yourself!

Your past doesn’t define you, but it surely does set the backbone for how you show up in this world!

Invited by: Leah Macdonald

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