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✊🏼✊🏾Entrepreneur making games AND, from my past: 8 years in market based solutions to poverty, and years of anti racist activism

♟CEO, Flying Leap Games (a little board game publisher);
🐧@flyingleapgames on IG;
Worked in fair trade food and drink for years sourcing from 43 farmer coops

🏛Yale MBA
✊🏼activist; I did a year long fellowship in community organizing; anti racist and pro mental health activist, eg spent nearly a year organizing alumni to get a rabbi fired who was a Yale Chaplain and head of Hillel because of her racism and homophobia (right after bschool)
TEDX speaker and organizer at my 10th reunion
❤️And lover of kind people, hiking, and mountains ⛰

📺Ask me about pitching a TV show to a Senior VP at Disney!
(Spoiler: he liked it, then Hollywood shut down)
* Previously:
NGOs & social enterprises for 9 years...LOVE talking market based solutions to poverty!

🎤🎵Rapper on a new way to do interfaith relations:
See a couple pieces on YouTube as rapper Malka Shay, white Jewish female rapper

Here for the music 🎼, the laughs, the learning, the magic of connecting to other human beings.
Always looking for kind folks.

I make funny, creative party games games
🐇🐇There are carnivorous rabbits involved.

In Boston now. I’ve lived in 9 cities.

🎶Lover of music, singing, and dancing
✡️ Progressive Jewish woman
🌄Outdoor adventurer (zip lining, hiking, skydiving… and afraid of heights. No but actually, I went sky diving to try to get over it)
📚Reader of books on social issues

I used to run a social justice reading group
Some favorites: Dreamland, How to Change the World, and The Color of Law

Invited by: Shuheng Li

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