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💗💗💗KLC Liar Game💗💗💗
✨Everyday at 10pm Korea time✨

1. The participants are divided into liars and citizens.

2. Citizens will receive a "keyword"
(You are a citizen. This is the keyword : “방탄소년단 BTS“. Please don’t say this keyword, say something related to the keyword.)

3. Liars will receive a “You are a liar" + a description word/phrase
(You are a liar. Please say “노래를 불러요 it sings” for the first round)

4. The game is divided into rounds and in each round all the participants describe the "keyword" in turn.

5. Since the liars do not know the keyword, they will use the "description word/phrase" for the first round. And after the first round, liars have to guess the keyword and describe it accordingly.

6. The citizens shouldn't give out easy description so as to not let the liar find out.

7. The goal for the citizens is to find out the liar, and for the liars , it is to find out the keyword.

8. After the first round, after each round, there will be a voting, where participants guess the liar and kick them out.

9. If all the liars are kicked, the citizens win. However, if the liar guesses the keyword, the liars win.

10. Additional note: If you are a liar and you think you know the keyword, you can dm what you think the word is to the game moderator anytime during the game.

Keep in mind: You only get one chance, if you get it right, you win, if not you lose the chance and the game continues.

(Thank you Noe Nioetno for writing this!)

Invited by: Harper Jung

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