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Updated: May 7, 2024
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🎙🧠🌱Enabling parents raise Kids w/Emotional Intelligence, Growth Mindset and healthy habits for a happy, successful, fulfilled life. 🌳👶🏻 🏳️‍🌈

👩🏽‍🍼 Mom, Entrepreneur. Community builder. Game developer. Growth enthusiast. Project management +10 years experience.

♣️🏠Founder of “Kids EQ & Growth Mindset” Club 

        🎖️ Proudly endorsed in Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davidson's Townhall short list of clubs & rooms to check out on Clubhouse! 

        ✳️ For hosting rooms under the club or co-modding DM me!


My goal is to answer these questions for myself and likeminded parents:

      🙋‍♀️ How can we equip our children with thinking and behavioral patterns that will allow them to lead a happy, successful, and fulfilled life?

      🙋‍♀️ How can we give our kids the best possible start in life without sacrificing our personal happiness and goals?

Areas of interest:

✨ Parenting ✨Personal development  ✨Self esteem ✨Confidence ✨Growth mindset ✨Mindfulness ✨Empathy ✨Compassion ✨Resilience ✨Vulnerability ✨Love of failure ✨Connection ✨Leadership ✨Meditation ✨Emotional wellness ✨Mental health ✨Psychology

Kids EQ & Growht Mindset Club's topics: 

Cultivating a growth mindset with kids (and parents), emotional literacy, meditation for kids, mindfulness for kids, affirmations for kids, breathwork for parents and children, gratitude exercises for children, cultivating self-esteem and confidence, resilience, vulnerability, empathy, self compassion, self love, teaching kids how to build meaningful and authentic connections, building non violent communication skills and compassionate listening skills, children brain development, dealing and recognizing emotions, expert advice and coaching on child development and child early development, delve into child psychology aspects with experts, social emotional learning, mental health for kids, leadership, personal development for kids, discuss particularities of styles of parenting (mindful parenting, conscious parenting, responsible parenting, minimalist parenting, authentic parenting, aware parenting and more)

Invited by: Tudor Juravlea

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