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🎼 Award-winning Composer 🎹 Improvising Pianist 🤖 Futurist
🎨 Illustrator / Mixed Media Artist
🎻 Music Director of Contemprary music group TO ensemble

🎵 If you would like to support my art:

🎼 I compose for Film, Contemporary Dance, Animation, Commercials, Video Games and Multi-disciplinary / Multi-sensory Experiences for Brands.

🚀 Clients include Cartier, Discovery Channel, Club Med, Rosewood, Nendo, Porsche, Toyota, Changi Airport & Gardens by the Bay.

🌱 Inspired by the Oneness of Man and nature, and the connection that exists between all things, I believe the diversity of our world is key to the future of humanity.

🎶 I create & produce contemporary concerts & works that bring together multiple cultures, art-forms and disciplines, bridging Art, Science/technology, Nature and Human stories.

🎵My fusion music is a blend of jazz, film score, Carnatic music, classical music and Asian sounds.

🌊I am an improviser as much as I am a composer, as I believe the beauty of life exists in the moment, and few things are as transient, truthful than spontaneous creation in the flow. I am inspired by Wabi sabi, Ikegai, Ubuntu and Sisu.

💿Latest album - Memories of 2055
Listen here:

🎹Composed, performed for Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame 2010, London 2012 Cultural Olympiad theatre commission Snails and Ketchup, scored Singapore’s first animated film Sing to the Dawn.

🎼Commissioned works have been presented, performed in Spain, Brazil, France, Japan, Indonesia, Poland, the Netherlands, the Maldives, Hong Kong, China, UK, Scotland, Thailand and Malaysia.

🎶official site:

🏳️‍🌈🌱🔬📡🎨I believe in the strength of diversity, the limitless human potential, and am inspired by the coming together of people from different cultures and art forms.

💡I have collaborated with painters, dancers, poets, chefs, story-tellers, scientists, photographers, film makers, artists and designers.

✨Passionate about contemporary art, books, illustration, video games, football, design, architecture, tech trends, A.I, quantum mechanics, astrophysics and space exploration.

🌌 I am available for commissioned works, collaborations and private online concerts, workshops and talks. Pls DM me on Instagram.


If you would like to support my art:

📍from Singapore, Singapore. 🇸🇬

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