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Updated: Apr 6, 2023
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🖤Social Audio Inventor\Creator | Tattoo Artist | Entrepreneur |

✝️ God Is My Hero
🇺🇸 Bellingham, WA
🥰 Engaged to @tatt2carrie
🐳 Landing Big Whales club member
I’m Just Me….
(And possibly SG’s long lost cousin?😂)

🔹I’ve had some success, a TON of failures, and I’ve learned enough to know there’s so much I don’t know.

🔹I’ve worked every job under the sun Which has luckily had given me a very wide range of useful skills. The last 8 years I’ve spent as a tattoo artist, 7 of which Ive owned my own business which I’ve made very successful through hard work much more than skill.

🔹Currently I’m working on creating software and audio hardware that will allow people to sound better on social audio, and intigrate these apps into live feeds on Facebook, Instagram, zoom, and many more. I believe social audio is the first authentic social media and if applied right it can bring the world together instead of driving us apart. I’m determined to see that the authenticity here becomes the norm on all social media, even if I have to do it myself.

🔹I’m constantly viewed as the underdog, and I love it. I am smart and obsessive in my drive, and will always work harder than the next person.

🔹I never fail because I never quit, there’s always a way, and I will always find it no matter the obstacle. There are a no such thing as “impossible”
🗣Looking to connect with people about:

☑️Bluetooth Audio Technology
☑️Augmented Reality
☑️LIVE streaming
☑️LoT Specialists
☑️PCB Design
☑️Biometric Monitors
☑️Audio Hardware Creation

🔶Other Instagram @legendsofclubhouse

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