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Updated: Jun 6, 2024
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Father, brother & friend
🇵🇸 🇺🇸

🩸 Gaza, Palestine

Human rights advocate for all with the strength and will to echo the voices of the oppressed.

Will stand against all colonizers who don’t acknowledge and commit to change the systematic oppression and racism caused through history. To deny history is to repeat it.

Zionism is Racism. Those trying to normalize the word have blood on their hands.

📍Born and raised in California, Native San Franciscan and currently living in the Central Valley

Passionate about life and those I love. I prioritize those that are within my circle of influence and concern yet open to increasing that sphere based upon value being added.

Lover of Allah and a true believer striving to strengthen my Eman
Respect those that show it’s deserved and easy for me to ignore those that don’t hold my same values. Less can definitely be more.

Active in real estate 🏡 and stock / crypto investing.......let’s see all them green candles and record new highs

Enjoy riding my Harley Davidson
🏍.....CVO Street Glide 🏍. Let’s Ride!

Founding member and ceo of a successful organization that adds value and gives opportunity to the hundreds of people I employ.
Always leading and projecting the positive of what can be done and refuse to acknowledge failure as anything more than one step closer to success.
I’ve learned more from those that I disagree with in regards to living life, leadership styles and / or business ethics. Stand for something of fall for anything even if it means giving up a quick and and “temporary success”.

I believe in living life as a mirror. Once I committed to that, my life’s journey has become easily navigated.

******Always willing to contribute and share ideas and thoughts where I can add value.

Invited by: Adil Javed

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