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Updated: Sep 24, 2022
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Speaker, Technologist, Instructor, Mentor, Writer, Angel Investor

💻 VP, Engineering @ CTM (ASX: CTD)
🏫 Instructor @ UCLA
🚀 Mentor @ USC Viterbi Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship
📖 Forbes Technology Council (
😇 Executive Board Member @ Tech Coast Angels (

➡️ Views Are My Own
➡️ Investing in D2C and B2B SaaS Companies
➡️ Meeting Like-minded Individuals

I will be moderating TCA’s Cryptocurrency Industry Event on 6/8 on Zoom. I will invite industry thought leaders, founders, CEOs and capital providers to share their expertise and insight on crypto investing. Panelists include:

📣Brynly Ilyr - General Counsel at cLabs (Celo)
📣Dean Steinbeck - Co-founder of COO at Horizen Labs (Zen)
📣Dr. Jane Thomason - Founder and CEO at Supernova Data
📣Josh Jones - Partner at HMC INQ and Crypto Investor
📣Kiran Nagaraj - Partner at Deloitte (Formerly Managing Director and Head of Cryptoasset Services at KPMG)

Past events include:
The New Future of Heath and Wellness on 5/11 featuring:
📣Charles O'Connell - Founder & CEO at GlucoseZone by Fitscript
📣Daniel Zakowski - Founder & CEO of Ready, Set, Food!
📣Krunal Patel - Engineering Director at Chan and Zuckerberg Initiative
📣Nicole Dunn - Founder & CEO at Dunn Pellier Media
📣Mohan Nair - CEO at Emerge, former Chief Innovation Officer at Cambia Health Solutions

⬇️ Register below:

Invited by: Kurt Daradics

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