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Updated: Feb 15, 2024
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🇺🇸🇰🇷 A former Project Manager of the Oil & Gas Industry (mainly involved in the Middle East and Africa)🌍

I left the industry and studied Political Science / International Security at Univirsity of the Washington to become a policy specialist for International Security and Peace Building🌿

❗️My idea is my own.

‼️my presence in a room is not an endorsement of the room’s ideas, agendas, ideologies, or objectives.

❌I do not allow my speech / comments to be recorded or shared.

⛔️“No, thanks” to Echo Chambers.

[Specialty Areas]
•International Conflicts & Security
•Civil-Military Relations
•Wars & Resolution
•Political Economy
•Military Science
•Political Theory
•Foreign Policy
•Nuclear Physics
•Mass Media Law
•Space Laws & Policies
•Nuclear Non-proliferation
•Weapons of Mass Destruction
•Data Science for Social Science Research
•Statistical Methods & Concepts for Social Science Research

Invited by: DONG_JOON LEE

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