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Updated: Aug 8, 2022
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🇬🇧Tech-cofounder | Software Architect | Microelectronics Audio Power Management RFIC Silicon Engineering | DevSecOps | Real Time & Big Data software | Mobile Apps | Mind Boxing

Also developing and advising on several cool startups in stealth mode.

DevOps polyglot, TDD, Full-Stack Dev, Kubernetes ecosystem, Kafka, Containerization, Cybersecurity, Python 3.9.x 🐍, Flutter, gRPC/GraphQL/API, Ballerina, React, Hasura

🇬🇧Decarbonization SC project (Python)
🇬🇧GainCap k8s DAG ML Python workflow
🇩🇪Allianz Kafka Azure ETL Data migration
🇬🇧Cigna Healthcare GDPR Article 30 IaaS Openshift
🇭🇰HSBC Mainframe AS400 Jenkins CI/CD adoption
🇧🇪BNP Paribas DevOps Mindset Coach
🇬🇧Sky ServiceNow Cisco Security API integration
🇬🇧Digital Catapult Urban Planning PostGIS
🇬🇧Ricardo Automotive Footlite Behaviour AI
🇬🇧Explovia 4th most downloaded app 2014
🇬🇧100% Army Fit app (no need to explain)
🇬🇧Liverpool-ONE shopping app

🇳🇱NXP SEN208 silicon temp sensor (Labview)
🇬🇧Intel Silicon IC Tuner with IP3 compensation
🇬🇧Wolfsonmicro Audio/Power Management WMxx
🇦🇹AMS Sigma Delta ADC for oil extraction
🇳🇱NXP CoolFlux 24 bit Audio DSP Hearing Aid
🇳🇱NXP BGY505 GaSi GSM RF Power Amp
🇺🇸iWatt iW2202 industry’s first CMOS digit SMPS
🇺🇸Capellamicro CMOS Photonic IC OpAmps
🇸🇬LTC1426 PWM 6bit Push Button DAC
🇸🇬LTC1380 Analog Multiplexer SMBus (still selling)

🇬🇧Quant 2013 one of the earliest known cohort to adopt Mathematica for risk modelling, Black-Scholes, VaR, Discrete Maths, Gaussian Copula, Forward Rates. 93%

🇩🇪Technische Hochscule Darmstadt co-authored VLSI: “Realization of cellular neural network for image processing”

🇬🇧Merchant Navy Radio/Radar Officer (Manual morse code 20wpm MRGC certified)
🇬🇧Class A Amateur Radio License

🇬🇧🇨🇳Yin Style BaGua: Art of Striking While Moving
Lineage: Dong Hai Chuan -> Yin Fu -> Men Bao Zhen -> Dr Xie Pei Qi -> He Jin Bao -> next gen

Qi-Gong, Medium Format Photography

Southampton University: E-Mentoring

Preparing for AWS Certified Solution Architect
[email protected]
[email protected]

🇭🇰Cantonese,🇨🇳Chinese and very basic 🇩🇪German

Invited by: Léa Yerevanian

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