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🇺🇸Global Connector Il Mentor lI Life Long Learner II Empowering Youth II Climate-Smart AgTech Founder II Angel Investor II Board Member II Startup Advisor

✅If you are stuck in your Career and like to make a change, then hurry now! We have fixed so far 300 people's careers, built passive income and also elevated them to participate as startup cofounders

👋Club: Innovation After Hours

☘️Disclaimer: I don’t endorse moderator or speaker for their opinion and views in rooms I host or participate as moderator or speaker

🛶World is about connections —you never know whom you meet and what role they play in your story and or you play in theirs. Inspiring story we all want to make and touching others life is key.

🚀🚀Join startup class for 2 month if you want to develop scalable biz:

🌍Incubate and Accelerate Sustainable and Impactful Businesses in several verticals (AgTech, Bio-Food, Health, Wellness, Biomaterials, CleanTech, IOT/Big Data) through Innop global incubator and accelerator.

🚴🏽‍♂️ Mission for Billions to make Millions.

Based 🇺🇸 Born🇮🇳 , Bred 🇮🇱

🏔Lets Connect, engaged for interesting discussions, business partner and co-create something big and impactful!

🥇🏆Chief Mentor Youth Lab Colorado (https://youthlabco.com) platform for entrepreneurial, STEM, and higher education.


🌏 Seasoned Complex Problem Solver, Negotiator

🤼‍♀️ If you’re looking for Job, Entrepreneurship and Executive leadership role: 30 min free consulting time: write an email: [email protected]

Wish you all a great productive year 2023!

🟩 job application for intern/full time:
[email protected]

Invited by: Karissa Harrison

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