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Updated: Aug 15, 2022
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Holistic healer | Nature Guide | Intuitive Guide | Parent I Entrepreneur I passionate about our plant

I educate people on the well-being effects of nature and mindfulness and the power of connecting the two.

🇬🇧 Mindful, multi tasking, single mum of 5. Twin mum, Marathon runner, Nature lover, Charity worker

🌳 Nature connector I Early years Educator I 🧘 Meditation and Mindfulness Practitioner I wellness and mental health champion for the Early Years I 🕯 NLP & EFT Practitioner I Ho’oponopono I Children’s yoga I Intuitive healer I Charity CEO
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What do I do?

🌳 I hold events & workshops for adults, families and children to connect with your purpose, yourself and with nature to improve your mental wellness. I hold space for you to feel free from your lowest vibration alert and emotions & live your best life. I connect you with your inner child!

🌳 I work 1-1 as a Coach to Nurture and Empower Women to free you from limiting beliefs, past traumas and anxiety. I empower you with the skills to take control of your dreams and desires.

I am recently launched my own Charity to improve the well/being of families by firstly reducing food poverty, education around food waste, protecting the plant and improving mental wellness.

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Why am I on Clubhouse?

✅ To empower families to be more resilient, emotionally secure and confident.

✅ To connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals, to add value and learn.

✅ To connect and collaborate with organisations and individuals who can help raise the profile of Re:think, our food charity.

Connect with me on IG and DM for a free meditation recording.

Invited by: Samara Jolina

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