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Updated: May 12, 2022


Welcome to “Talk on to Walk on” ❤️ founded by Michelle Walters to grow a community of compassionate, confident communicators alongside her inspiring podcast of the same name 🎙

Michelle and her husband Patrick are on a mission to remind people to celebrate in the power of conversation. This club and weekly “Walk on Wednesday” room is a space to raise your hand and talk about real life and business experiences.

Sharing stories and lessons has the power to inspire you and your audience. Giving is the game in this club. The key is to always end on a positive so we all “walk on” into the rest of our week feeling connected, confident and part of a real community.

Join Clubhouse couple Michelle and Patrick in their “Walk on Wednesdays” room weekly 3pm BST Let’s talk on to walk on and see where it leads...😁


Be polite

Treat other members how you would like to be treated. Remember everyone’s story is important to them.

Be you

Be ready to share your experience remembering this is about helping others and yourself to walk on in life.

Be part of the ripple effect

Listen to learn and enjoy 😊

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