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Updated: Apr 28, 2022
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"And she comes from Alabama with a ukulele on her knee."


Writer (book in progress);

Lover of all animals & CUTE bugs lol - but especially my fur babies Snoopy 🐶(age 12) & Tux E. Doe 😻 (age 1);

Deep (even at times OVER) thinker whom loves a good debate as long as it stays respectful & open-minded on both sides;

MUSIC is very often what keeps me going when life has gotten or is in a rough patch and ohhhh boy have there been patches of rough terrain! Jack Johnson, G Love, John Mayer, The Dave Mathews Band, Cary Brothers, Brett Dennen, Dead & Co. just to name a few. I honestly can't say enough about how music has shaped and molded my life;

I believe in kindness & treating people as well as animals in a way in which you wish to see returned upon yourself & loved ones;

Most people make life harder than it has to be honestly in my opinion. I've been through a LOT but still have my huge thumping heart & smile to give the world;

Lupus SLE survivor/WARRIOR whom has been through four major surgeries plus four & a half years of weekly chemo injections plus countless out patient "procedures".

To say my journey is far from over even if I were to die tomorrow is a bold yet beautiful thing to be able to say and yet I say it proudly 🙏💜🙏

Libra/October baby here 💖🍁🍃🍂 Ask me pretty much anything and you are bound to get an honest answer!

If it's something I don't want to talk about, there is definitely a good reason why. I'm on a few other social media sites I may choose to share with you eventually but due to my past I can't safely link all my social media & still feel safe to participate here on CH. Please be respectful of my decisions, because I don't want to have to block anyone.

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