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Updated: Mar 23, 2023
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Founder & CEO, Blossom Badass | DEI | Women’s Leadership | Empowerment | Writer | Social Impact

#BlossomBadass - It’s easier to know when others love us, but how do we know when we really love ourselves? How do you measure it? What evidence will be proof you really believe? Loving yourself is the foundation for truly living your best life and actualizing your potential to contribute to the world.

I've dedicated my career to advancing leaders from underrepresented communities and creating inclusive spaces, whether that's within a global company, inside the classroom, via a nonprofit, or advocating for equity at various governmental entities. My career adventures have taken me to Capitol Hill, the United Nations, the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and serving as an executive director, appointed commissioner, and adjunct university instructor. While we are far from achieving true equality in the world, I'll keep trying every day!

Fifteen years of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) leadership in government, nonprofit, higher education, consulting & tech. Gender, racial equity, and LGBTQ policy.

• Executive Director ~ Adjunct Instructor ~ DEI Strategist ~ Consultant
• 2018 Women of Influence Award, Silicon Valley Business Journal
• UN SWAP Expert ~ Appointed Commissioner ~ Elected Democratic Party Member ~ Legislative Fellow

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