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Investor, Single mom with 7 kids & 7 biz. 🇳🇱 in 🇺🇸. CEO of Laundrylicious 🧺 and Branding Personality. Living in SoCal. Licensed foster parent. 🇧🇷🇰🇭🇲🇩

From distress to $$$.
In January 2017 I found out I lost all my income due to a bad divorce. And started all new income streams really quickly to take care of my family. I have since recovered and am now a multiple business owner, investor and a distressed business transformer.

I bring businesses from the 1980s to 2021 by bringing them online; learning to understand the customers’ needs and creating that magical customer experience for them that makes them come back for more.

I’m on the lookout for collaborative projects or takeovers.

Digital marketing 📈background. Webdesign since 1996, SEO since 1998 (before google), social media since 2005, personal branding since 2007. My first business was a neighborhood magazine that I published when I was 8 years old. I’ve been an entrepreneur ever since. :-)

It’s Ma-ree-ka, like eureka.

Dutch gal in Southern California.
I came to the US as an immigrant in 2007 and now raise 4 kids as a single mom. I adopted my 5 year old girl from foster care as a single mom and it’s one of my biggest accomplishments.

I’m the CEO of Laundrylicious, an on demand laundry valet service in Southern California. I build this business from scratch then took over 4 dry cleaning plants and an alterations store to transform their business from a non existing brand into an exciting customer serving brand.

I own 4 dry cleaners (full plants), an alterations store, a laundry valet service, vacation rental properties and a digital marketing agency. I am featured in Martha Stewart Living, Readers Digest and Real Simple Magazine.

I work for: LAPD (LA police department), California Highway Patrol, professional sports events including golf, hockey and soccer, Hilton hotels, Albertsons, several colleges, universities, public school districts and many more.

I lived and worked in Brazil, Romania, the US, Cambodia, and in the Netherlands – where I was born and raised.

I am a licensed foster parent since 2010 and I have fostered 27 kids so far, and adopted 2. My oldest child is 19 years old and my youngest child is 1 year old. My older kids are unschooled, and they learn by following their passions and interests. I want to raise happy and grounded kids.

How can I help you in your business? I’m interested to discuss your business and find out how I can help you achieve greater things!

Invited by: Penny Power OBE

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