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Updated: Nov 29, 2023
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🚀($4B)💰| 🛫🌎👑
$4Billion Dollar Mindset CEO
& CEO of Bow tie Ballers Ent.

🏀 2X Scoring Champion
🦈 $1.4 Million in Direct Sales
💰 investor in “My”Companies
📍Founder of the #1 Winning Mindset Philosophy on the Planet!!! “The Baller Mindset” ™️

🗣🏆🎬🎥🍿 Host of The Coast to Coast Balling Podcast Talk Show
✳️ Clubhouse Host for | The Coast to Coast Ballers Club | Breakfast with Ballers | Ballers Never Sleep |BowTieBallers | iTalk Baller | Talk Baller to Me | 10XBallers | International Ballers | Club Baller | & The Bow Tie Baller Club |

I am The Brown Skin Batman 🦇 I was born & raised in Gotham City in Brownsville Brooklyn New York City same area My Triple OG @MikeTyson is from.

My Mission on this Planet is to continue to vibrate on a new and better more peaceful, fun, financially free level in the game of life to do whatever I want when I want to do it.

I am also using my influence and experience Coast to Coast around the World 🛫🌎 to help advance and evolve our human species mentally in the present moment and for the future.

@Barack.Obama is Following me on Twitter & you can fact check that but I am not into politics and I don’t pay attention/Trust or believe in what the American government is doing because its just 2 much manipulation. Barack follows me because i am a member of “My Brothers Keeper” & I am a Positive/Empowerment Speaker for the communities I help through speaking events and organizing sporting events for kids & adult men and women.

“Businesses I Own & Run”
Coast to Coast Ballers Enterprises LLC
Coast to Coast Ballers International LLC
Coast to Coast Ballers Basketball
Coast to Coast Ballers University
Coast to Coast Balling Talk Show
Baller Gang New York
Baller Gang Oregon
Baller Gang LA
Baller Gang Las Vegas
Baller Gang Miami
Baller Gang Paris
Baller Gang Canada
Baller Gang Dubai
Baller Gang Japan
Baller Gang TV
10XBallers international

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