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🤷‍♂️I provide GDPR Consultancy, GDPR training and GDPR audits to organisations of all sizes
🎙Presenter and producer of GDPR Weekly Show - the number one GDPR podcast worldwide, 60,000 downloads in 115 countries


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😕 GDPR can be a bit daunting, especially for SMEs. As a business owner you need to know about it (and so do your staff).
💰If not then you could breach the regulations and face a large fine.
😅😃 Be sure you’re complying with the regulations now by working with me and my team for the latest advice.
📗 Buy my book GDPR Made Simple on Amazon or from your local bookstore

📆. Book a no obligation appointment with me

💟 Send me a dm if you want me to collaborate to moderate a room.
Happy to chat about GDPR, podcasting, time management or business in general.

👨‍✈️🗄🔐 cyber security

Ward Councillor East Hampshire District Council

Chairman of Liss Parish Council
Chairman of East Hants Rail Partnership
Trustee of Furniture Helpline

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