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📖 Author of the book: Moving On and Letting Go: A guide to loving yourself again 🥰

💕Upcoming book💕

🥰Your Body is Your Soulmate🥰
🌱Coming out August 2021🌱

📖 On Amazon and Audible 🎧

😩 Anxiously Attached?😩
I can help you to let go of unhealthy relationships ✨

Look for my free meditations on Insight Timer! 🧘‍♀️

Other topics I’m interested in:

✨Energy and Sound Healing
✨Body Code, Emotion Code
🧠Access Consciousness
💕 Abraham Hicks
🌳 Sustainability
💧Essential Oils,

World traveler
🦓 Africa
🍕 Italy
🖼 France
🙏 Thailand


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