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Updated: Jun 17, 2021


BECOMING STRONGER is a collaborative process since it takes a village to raise one another. It sucks to struggle alone. Yet, when we share our stories, receive feedback and support we feel empowered. So, let’s become stronger together! All things that make us stronger. Mindfulness, self-awareness, growth-finance-prosperity. LOVE relationships, dating, parenting, separation, divorce, abuse awareness, overcoming toxicity, financials, legal matters, healing ptsd, reprogramming our mind, etc. There used to be a time when we lived within a community and shared our strengths and issues with one another. This is crucial for healing. Now that we live in such independent modern lives we lack easy access to communal support (especially safe space of trust). Love is the most crucial aspect of life. And our happiness depends on it. Together, we will inspire one another, journey to new places, far stronger than before 😉. This group is dedicated to grow self-awareness for ourselves so we can love without fear, traumas, and let go when necessary. Be mindful and keep words spoken here amongst ourselves ONLY. We are here to become stronger - Holding the torch, marching together.

Coaches, Therapists, Healers, Retreaters, Attorneys/Lawyers, Councilors, Financial Advisors, Relationships Specialist, and Real Estate & Relocation : Please Join, We Need You. 🙏🏽
Tapping Solution, Reprogramming Affirmations & Mindfulness, Reiki, Power Animal Journey >> TBD
Mondays 8:30pm EST

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