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🎙Pronounced RAJI
- 30 years as a Booking Agent

Every time we use our voices, we send our energetic imprint out into the universe and to the people around us. And, like the words that we use when we speak to people, our voices can communicate what we are feeling, what we desire, and what we really mean. There is no hiding our truth that can be felt through the sound of our voices. Take responsibility for the power your voice has to impact the space and the people around you, and let your voice be a sound that creates harmony and compassion in the universe

- Live Event Operation
- Musical Matchmaking
- NITO member
- Mental Health First Aid trained
- Certified Covid-19 Compliance Officer
- Black Fret Advisor (look them up, so amazing!)
- Event Safety Alliance Continuing Education
- MusicForward Mentor
- Talent Buyer

- Ask me how D.A.M.E (daunting activities made easy) can be of service with my all-star⭐️💪🏼👩‍🦰👦🏽👱🏾‍♀️👩🏼‍🦱👩🏻⭐️ all female crew can work your event or festival!

- BLACK LIVES MATTER 🦾🧕🏾and I am committed to living as part of the solution, I am 4 restitution!

- LGBTQ partner 👩‍❤️‍👩🌈

- support of the AAPI community! I am part of the conversation while learning

- Lead by example and “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”

- Here to learn about how my independent clients can make the most of NFT, 360, VR and how I can create one of a kind VIP events and memorabilia

- Committed to knowledge around anti-racism

- Honored to share hacks on keeping your vision as a disrupter, keeping your freedom and making the most of your gifts

5/1Projector. 8 of Hearts and student 4ever

Living in G-D’s Divine timing and abundance

Please reach out via LinkedIn or for project references and accolades, clients, history, partners + a meet n greet ☎️ to continue our conversations 👯‍♀️

Invited by: Anastasia Palmer Johnson

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