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🌟Restorative Breathwork® 🌟 ‘the subtler the breath the deeper the work’
Black Heart 🖤
🌍Transforming Human Consciousness
The studies of non dual therapy

🌟 4/6 Emotional Projector

1:1 IFS And Non-Dual Influenced Coaching and Guiding others into their wisdom, truth and clarity
Empowering women to feel into their bodies and truth.
Teaching proper breathing to active three natural healing energies within.
Coming into the ground of the body through safety practices
Embodiment Practices - practices that integrate the head heart and the gut

🌊 25+ years facilitating and teaching Restorative Breathwork practices and yoga.
Restorative Breathwork is a yin approach to the breath with roots in breath meditation and Qigong ancient practices. A unique
Fusion of breath sequins designed to cultivate deep states of inner stillness and greater self-awareness. Restoring the nervous system and still the mind. Profound inner practices restoring and deepening our connection with our True Self. Opening Pathways to inner transformation and spiritual awakening.’

Listening listening to amazing people - connecting with others to create community and serve. Relationships and everything relational.
✨Dream work dream circles
🌟Inner Child Work
🧘‍♀️Teacher and Trainer of Restorative Breathwork
🧘‍♂️C-IAYT International Association of Yoga Therapy
🌼E-RYT 500 Ceu Provider
Dream Work and Dream Circles
🧘‍♂️TrIYoga Teacher
🧘‍♂️Meditation Teacher
🕉Trauma Informed Yoga and Breathwork ~ Safety in the Body
❣️Radiant Heart Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainings
☮️Awareness Intuitive Mentor
Studies in Philosophy & Communications
🕉Studies in Non Duality & the power of Awakening Consciousness
🧘‍♂️Somatic ~🧠🫀🫁🌍
Triune: Cognitive (head brain), Heart Brain Gut Brian
Mystery School & Akashic teachings

➡️Join me for Free Restorative Breathwork ® Circles On Line
Restorative Breathwork
Have A Great Dream

Partner in
🏚🏣real estate investor

All things communication and relational.
Relational with self and others -
Family - mother wife = 💓

Invited by: Ariana Jay

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