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Updated: May 10, 2024
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MD | Holistic Wellness & Performance Strategist Empowering Executives & Leaders Reduce Burnout & Overwhelm So That They Can Increase Productivity In The Workplace & Their Personal Life. 🇨🇦🇺🇸


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Host of The Mental Health & Wellness Show podcast.

My Story:

•I was once burnt out 🥵😩 : cynical, ignored, taken for granted, exhausted, frustrated and near death experiences.

•I wore so many hats 👒🧢👒🎩 in my life & I felt I wasn’t fully engaged in my most important - my momma hat. I had to push my doctor hat/professional mom , further down the list. 📑

•I have made a difference in thousands of peoples lives by giving them the tools, the clarity and the choices to create balance ⚖️in their personal and professional relationships.

•I work with fellow entrepreneurs looking to free themselves from limiting beliefs , with leaders seeking personalized solutions to overcome burnout, with professional women struggling to advance their careers while nurturing their children 👶🏾👶🏾, their relationships and their health.

• I’m committed to walking in hand 🤝 with clients to gently but candidly challenge them to live their best life.

I want to help you create a legacy of transformational change and growth that will help the next generation live more empowered lives.

Dr. Tomi Mitchell has been featured multiple times in KevinMD, the largest online social media platform for doctors. She is a regular contributor to Arianna Huffington’s ThriveGlobal.

She is an Executive Contributor on Brainz Magazine, a leading European Mag for professionals .She has trained with Brendon Bourchards team , handpicked as being a high performing person.

She has lived in 3 continents and is culturally and socially diverse , helping her connect with a wide variety of audiences. Her smile and her amazing sense of humour, and energy consistently leaves a positive impression to those who interact with her.

Office Number: 1 403 910 6580
📣 DM me on IG for colabs.


1. The Burnout Doctor
2. Purpose Driven Leaders
3. Canadian Health & Government Advocates

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