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Food is Medicine, Exercise is Medicine, Lifestyle is Medicine!

I’m a nurse and a researcher utilizing community based participatory research for mentoring, collaboration, writing, and networking.

Grantwriter: I help non-profits and universities develop strategic plans for community engagement to obtain funding

Local Food Systems and Community-based Researcher : I’m a👩🏾‍💻 nurse scientist working to build healthy, sustainable local food systems and helping students succeed in writing grants and publications

Food Access | Neighborhood environments | Urban agriculture enthusiast | Building global health collaborations across the African Diaspora is my dream.

Current and upcoming research projects:
Community-clinic Food is Medicine intervention for Black women with cardiometabolic risk factors

Home gardening intervention for Black adults living in food apartheid environments

Mapping informal and formal food networks in two predominantly Black communities in Chicago

Passionate about writing about food systems, capacity building and adverse health outcomes related to low food access.

Invited by: Sierra Dockery

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