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Network News Gal Turned Green Media Maven on “E-mission” to Get More Climate News and Views into the Mainstream Media Mix💚

Without widely available programming on our planetary pickle & what we can do about it, how on earth will we save🌎?

🎙After 20 years on-air with CBS 📻
I left to cover environmental news on my radio shows. I do commentary on 📺, write, and speak/listen on CH where I am learning a ton and finding great guests for my new venture,!

GreenTV fills a void in national and international television programming that is urgently needed; the “what to do about it part!” Currently there is zero ongoing programming on HOW to “get off our gasses” and other eco-solutions needed to turn the mothership around. Fast!

🎤Started a green beat on 🌎Day 1997 and never looked back. Between 2004-2007 I hosted and produced a national/international radio show, focused on environment/climate/sustainability issues. It was so popular—and rare on the airwaves in those early days—that the program went from weekly to daily, defying the all-too-common notion that green topics cannot be popular! Nice to finally see media catching on, & catching up, with the biggest news of our lifetime.

🎤My passion is interviewing environmental leaders and eco-innovators 👯‍♀️in politics, science, green biz, clean tech, filmmaking, the arts, activism, academia, and more.

I’ve contributed a media chapter to a book, “Climate Abandoned: We’re on the Endangered Species List” and am working on a 📖 about the (unfulfilled) role of news media in reporting critical changes and challenges to our 🌎 health.

👍2007 graduate of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project.

👍Hosted/Produced the nation’s first daily green show. Most of my hundreds of radio programs (2004-14) are archived under “broadcasts” at

👍Co-founded a GASroots education campaign called Don’t Be Fueled! ⛽️Mother’s for Clean and Safe Vehicles in 2002 to raise awareness about CAFE
(Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency standards not ☕️:)

👍I coined the phrase “Green Collar Jobs” and Van Jones ran with it (after I offered it while interviewing him on my radio show in 2005:)

Feel free to reach out to me at: [email protected]
On Twitter at @betsy_rosenberg or on Insta @eco_solutionary. I 💚talking’ trash!

Invited by: Jeffrey Sweetbaum

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