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I’m Auntie Donna Brown®️ I help you OWN what you CREATE w/ federal trademark strategies that ⬆️Authority ⬆️Trust ⬆️Revenue, so clients are ready to engage you exponentially ⬆️ their income w/ licensing agreements.

I’m the auntie in intellectual property law that you never knew you needed!

If you are a creators, innovators, and/or entrepreneurs you are creating solutions to problems every day. When you do so, you MUST understand that it can be valuable “ intellectual property”.

That’s right! your intellectual property can appreciate value, similar to your real estate. The key is your strategy and how you use your IP.

It follows, that when you own intellectual property assets you want to protect it! Stop copy cats from stealing your IP by registering your FEDERAL TRADEMARKs

Did you know that there are tools out there for FREE RESOURCES? Yep, join my community to see and share.

Still not sure if you need to register your intellectual property as a federal trademark? Let’s talks about it.
Click here to schedule a consultation:

JoIn Aunties IP Membership Network for creators & inventor to learn and build.

REMEMBER CLOSED MOUTHS DON’T GET FED! All you need to do is connect with me in the link below for a cup of coffee. Let’s gooooo!


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IG @AuntieDonnaBrown


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