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Entrepreneur. Christian Evangelist. Author.

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Please follow each story if you like it. Need certain #of followers per book to collect donations from each book.

the money collected will be used in my theology studies

Sample titles:

Prayer Life

View on Men and Women Relationship

7 Types of Journaling

Vacation Bible School Ideas

7 Fictional Narrative Based on Bible Teaching

Life Stories of a Woman of Courage

How to Share the Gospel

Making Disciples and Disciple Makers

Live Out the Christian Life
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My Walk in God - from Unbelieve to Believe


Thrive to Shift Marketing @ clubhouse

When a company connects products or services to a personal and business why, it will stand out from the crowd, creating a unique selling proposition and a strong branding strategy.

Want to be a podcast guest on my Podcast show?


Christian Bible Studies @clubhouse

Defend Christianity by centring ourselves with the Words of God.

Please only ask questions related to the passage that we will be studying together.

Please read Core Beliefs in club description.



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