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We support speakers, entrepreneurs, and coaches on a global scale by having them on virtual and live stages, being on different tv shows, podcasts, magazines and radio. We have videographers, photographers, graphic designers, Marketers, editorial and much more. We want to make sure that coaches get those international clients and speakers on international stages.
Are you are an entrepreneur, speaker, or a coach that wants to be elevated on a global platform?


I'm the former CEO of 'Black Lion Entertainment' and 'Kamara Homes' in America. Affiliated with Amazetv, AMBTV, Foxstar Film Production and Radio.

My son was killed by another youth, the pain that I felt, created Kamara Youths. Kamara youths support the youths in reflecting on their actions through a psychological aspect.
We are currently doing an event every last Saturday of the month via zoom with ten powerful speakers every month. These events are streamed via television to support organisations, businesses, charities and individuals in the effort of empowerment. Join us.
Our event is coming up, Saving Our next Generations,.
DM Me The Word “EVENT” and I Will Send You The Link To Register



Invited by: Nicky Corley

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