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Updated: May 19, 2022
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A Research Programmer
I will implement your idea--turn it into code, maybe with related hardware, if you think an idea is useful to you and don't want to get your hands dirty for everything :)

What are my propositions? To program a machine instead of being programmed by it. When I say the word machine, I am not only referring to physical entities and I'm already on the way of making changes

People/Programmers should use their own software. Let's start from ourselves

I prefer topics such as free/libre open source, decentralized networks, personal knowledge management, software synthesis, non-audiovisual sensing, minimalism, alchemy, dragon slaying, web weaving, etc...Huh? Did I mention spaghetti? Yes, I believe that every coder has a dream of receiving spaghetti as a gift from God

Basically I don't live in social media. If you really believe an unique opinion, let's implement it professionally in real life.

I submit code to GitHub. See you there

Invited by: A miyah

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