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Updated: Mar 25, 2023
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🔑🗓Sign-up for a FREE Spiritual Wellness Consultation: heal.me/trannabischi

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💰Cashapp $TrannabisChi

🔑MY WHY: Creator🔑 Here to anchor unconditional love back into Gaia & The Collective.

🔥💚🔥Ethos: When we love ourselves unconditionally, we can love all. 💚I love you.♾💫YOU ARE EVERYTHING


Unconditional Love Coach & Plant-Powered Healer. Empowering spiritual & cannabis consuming high-achievers to live unconditionally loving lives with deepened intimacy and balance & health.

Oracle. Usui Holy Fire III Reiki 1&2 Certified. Oracle card readings. Intuitive. Intuitive Readings. Intuitive Cooking. Galactic Channeler. Mediumship. Light language speaking/singing/writing/painting. Light Language Healings. Guided Meditations. Affirmations. Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Channeled Art Healings. Water colors. Claircognizant. Clairsentient. Clairvoyant. Clairaudient. Clairalient. Clairgustance. Cannabis-infused spiritual wellness.

🔑I AM:
He/They - Name pronounced (Jay-Me)
🌞Aries💫Cancer 🌚Sag
Manifesting Generator 4/6. Life path #3
💚💫🔑I am of the heart of source🔑💫💚
💚💫STARSEED💫💚 Indigo Child💫
Ambivert. Earth Angel.
Self-care. Transformation. Medical
cannabis patient. The Arts. Activism. Adventure. ALL BODIES. ALL ABILITIES. ALL BEINGS. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️✡️🖤♿️

🔑*DISCLAIMER* (Full on Website)
I am a legal medical cannabis patient in the state of California. If you receive services from me, know I am healing with plant medicine. Anything I say, do, or provide in service or otherwise is not to be considered professional medical advice, or treatment. Please consult a professional medical provider or veterinarian should there be a medical issue or concern. I am not a medical professional. When receiving services you confirm you are 21+ years-old. You or they understand that Reiki is a simple, gentle, and hands-on energy technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation.

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