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Updated: Mar 21, 2024
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Hi I’m Renee!

I am the owner of a USA-based online cultural gift shop for the country of Ghana located in West Africa.

Black Star Gift Shop 🛍

Visit we sell apparel, accessories, art, beauty and home decor it is a souvenir shop for Ghana 🇬🇭

Did you know 😆Fresh Shea butter looks like food 👀 I want you to have some in your life! I’m Taking Pre-Orders on Raw Organic Shea Butter from Ghana. Get some fresh Shea butter in your life today!

Detroit Based, Detroit Raised

💯E-commerce is my passion. I will be the first person in my family to generate wealth from e-commerce and social media!

✨Millennial wife 💍
✨Pandemic mom 👶🏾
✨W-2 side hustler
✨Woman in tech

My superpower is good ole fashion problem solving! Taking a problem breaking it down into smaller pieces, prioritizing and mapping out the road to a solution.

I can help you build your own Shopify Store. I can also help you maintain your Shopify Store. Send me a DM on IG


Detroit is my hometown, Ghana is my second home 🇬🇭🇺🇸❤️

I am here on clubhouse to connect with other in the African Diaspora who are building a better Africa!

A little bit more about me:

✔️I have been traveling internationally for 15 years!
✔️Met my husband on fb while he lived in Ghana and successfully brought him to America on a fiancé visa
✔️Land owner in Central Region of Ghana- east of Winneba
✔️Building my mothers dream retirement home in the Western Region of Ghana
✔️Owner a travel company helping groups successfully prepare for trips to Ghana
✔️I built a popular E- commerce brand to inspire African cultural expressions for US
🔜 Podcast for Americans interested in Ghana

Let’s say NO to diaspora wars on the internet 📵

Wakanda forever 🙅🏾‍♀️

Being Pan-African is mindset centered on acknowledging on a human level it is beneficial to know and work together. Let’s start with friendship and take it from there!

I help people learn how to sell physical or digital products online using the Shopify platform. Check out my podcast DM “TAKE ACTION” for a free trial to get started on Shopify today!

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