Black Intellectuals Build on Clubhouse

Black Intellectuals Build Clubhouse
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Updated: Sep 20, 2023


We are here to build and constructively debate. No disrespect allowed on stage PERIOD!
Everyone gets to speak.: Please keep the answers concise. If the room is large keep it to 5 mins. You will be able to ask questions and give a rebuttal.This is a safe space. NO RECORDING WE DO NOT GIVE CONSENT!
No name calling.: No disrespect period. You will be kicked off the stage and blocked. If you can’t or won’t say it to the people you love don’t say it in here. NO OVER-TALKING!
Safe space: This is a safe space for BLACK people to express how they feel. If you are not black and you are in this space; know that it is a privilege. Racist talking points will not be allowed.


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