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We are looking to use technology in a strategic way in both developed and undeveloped in order to address our most basic issues that surround the economic and social problems that Black people experience in America. What this groups aims to do is to have conversation and devise strategies to create significant change using tech. As Black people in this country we have benefited from technology in and around the inventions produced by the Internet. We have used the Internet and all its incarnations in the same way as others for being able to enhance our lives.

We have found jobs, started Internet-based business, use the Internet for research purposes for school and our daily lives. We have learned how to do things we never imagined via Youtube University as well as being able to connect via things such as e-mail and even video chat.

We must acknowledge the power of Social Media and how connecting in these environments have helped to upgrade our lives or to advocate for the things that we are passionate about. We could never deny how Social Media has impacted our elections such as advancing a viable African-American candidate to the Presidency in which we were still probably 50 years before this country was remotely ready.

We have seen how Black Twitter has literally destroyed careers and companies who have made some costly mistakes in the conversation on race. What I would say has been the most prominent is that of the Black Lives Matter movement and the ability to โ€œgo liveโ€ or simply record the evidence of police brutality. Let us use this space to connect, create and collaborate. All are welcome who are interested in helping Black people progress through tech. Not in the creation of tech necessarily but in creating solutions for us via tech. Please join our sister group Black Social Congress.


We are visionaries ...

It is time for the visionaries to come forward and use their creativity to bring forth solutions. We build on ideas and donโ€™t turn them down. This is a safe space for you to express your ideas.

We speak in turn...

In this club, we speak in turn unless the moderator has decided that the conversation is open to discussion. Please always take notes if you feel the need to reference a comment from earlier.

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