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🌊 Listener & Learner, Coach & Consultant, Education & Entrepreneurship, Sustainability & Systems, Finn & Founder 🚀

💬 Systemic transformation through iterative self-aligned learning and maturity. Dialogue.

💼 with individuals, teams, organisations, communities, regions, sectors or just plain globally 🔗

🌍 - N8 edtech solutions learning bazaar. 🎈Open to decision makers and buyers. ✉️ Apply to join the Community on the website.

🏴‍☠️ - education innovation agency, how can we help? (We can also help with how to help 🙃)
[email protected]

♾ A neo-generalist with a background in sustainability, both higher and K12 education, geology, environmental management, regional development and startup ecosystems 🛰

🏛 Building a global network of Education Innovation Hubs and Centres of Excellence for Innovation in Education and Learning.

⛵️First boat at 8, first motorised 2-wheeler at 10, grew up on the water among the islands of Southern Finland, kayaker and motorcyclist 🇫🇮 First electrical work at 10 (paid job), have actively during my life worked at understanding and experiencing all sort of sectors, people and aspects of our reality and society.

I’ve worked in a slaughterhouse (now 97% vegan (cheese, milk, chocolate and yogurt slips through), as a postman, a process manager in a mine -220m underground, a geo physicist (gold prospecting), at a hospital, in logistics (warehouse), as an electrician, shop keeper, the guy with the shovel next to the excavator, environmental manager for a university, vice chair for a national entrepreneurship education lighthouse project, entrepreneurship evangelist, business school faculty, a national centre for education for sustainable development, national centre for a network of 220+ higher education institutions, integrated management plans for regional development, stakeholder engagement, executive director for a Finnish school, founded 4 companies (facilities management, architecture, education innovation, edtech x fintech, and 3 NGOs (geology, coworking and co-founded Edtech Finland) co-chair the Nordic Edtech Forum N8, founded a hackathon series (eduhack) 🧶

🗣 As happy to have a conversation about quantum physics as I am to talk about art, philosophy, sustainability, startups, edtech, innovation, education or entrepreneurship (not that I know too much about quantum physics ;) )

Nature. The breathing process. Trust.

♣️🏰♣️ Teach millions

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