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I help women who are overwhelmed with infertility challenges to navigate through their rollercoaster of emotions using mindfulness and healthy habits to feel better so that they feel at peace with their mind, body and spirit.

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We discuss changing mindset around your infertility diagnosis and health.

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Thursday 8:30 pm EDT

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✨ Empowered Fertility Mindset Coach
🙏🏻 Inspiring hope that miracles happen everyday💫
☕️ Coffee, 🍵Earl Grey, Lady Grey or Green tea, water&🍷wine
✨ Believer of God, especially miracles!
🌅 Start everyday with the Miracle Morning SAVERS! ✨I’m so grateful for the SAVERS!
🌎 Living in the DMV (USA)
🐶 💕 Dog Mama
👦🏼👦🏼 💕 Boy Mama
BS Psychology

You don’t have to feel alone! Get support and feel more connected with others who are struggling with fertility challenges.

JOIN my Empowered Fertility Mindset Community to:👇🏻👇🏻

✅ Learn how to create the mindset that creates miracles in your life.

✅ Support of a community who are going through infertility.

✅ Learn how to become more resilient.

Why join my Empowered Fertility Mindset Community?? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
My goal of this group is to inspire hope, provide mindset tools to help you navigate and support you through your journey.

I grew through 7 years of infertility where doctors said I had a 1-2% chance of getting pregnant naturally and I made it happen.

If you have a diagnosis that doesn't look good, know that your mindset and GOD can change anything if you allow it.

Sometimes we let our minds think so negative that we push away the things we want most to happen! Be aware of your negative thoughts. One of the major things I realized from this experience is that with a positive mindset and God on your side anything can happen!

Miracles 💫 can happen if you believe and take action towards your dreams. I inspire hope, help women feel worthy and confident that they can create their miracle💫 in their lives.

I’m available for:

✨Podcast 🎙interviews
✨Media Opportunities
✨Speaking 🎤engagements
✨ Collaborations

Invited by: Stephanie Lee

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