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-Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, AG-NP
-DOT medical examiner

I love to learn and grow. Clubhouse is a great platform for that.

-. See patients age 17 to 100 plus, accepting new patients, offer telemedicine.

Advocate for mental health awareness in the African community. Mental health is real, please seek help if you have symptoms, don’t underestimate it, don’t be ashamed to get medication or therapy. These will help your quality of life, will make you a better husband, wife, coworker, be more pleasant around the people you care and who care fir you. See it as if you have diabetes or hypertension.

Working on SUMU, a line of cellphone created by my husband and children. Check our website at Expect our lounging in Dakar and Banjul soon inshallah.

🇸🇳🇺🇸made in Senegal, but America gave me life. Texas, the lone state.

Don’t forget to smile. CBS News medical contributor Dr. David Agus says,“When you smile, your whole body is changed. The chemicals, the endorphins, actually make your brain feel better and do better.”

Very interested in real estate investments, projects to help and give back to Africa.

Here to connect and share ideas

Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn in progress.

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