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Updated: Aug 12, 2022
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Professional hugger. Connnector of Visionary Leaders. Professional Event Hostess. Let’s Coelevate!

DM “12 Metaversal Laws” to learn about exploring the Metaverse and Universal Laws this Summer.

September 18-22, 2022 - Private Island Summit to Ascend 2022 - Everything Is Possible

Visit me at

Launching Treedom NFTs in 2022 to cocreate a MeTREEverse and Treehouse Retreat to connect people with Nature, each other, and your vision for the chapter ahead.

I connect cybersecurity, tech, and business leaders to advance collaboration, cocreation, and coelevation as founder and Chief Inspiration Officer @ Future Advisory Board (Purpose Planning, Coaching & Consulting) &
Building the MetaMap of the human psyche at

Treedom 🌳 MeTREEverse: A virtual oasis for conscious creators

My purpose is to promote passionate pioneers of the Virtual Frontier and Age of Abundance.

My vision is to creatively transform education into edutainment and build the Treedom MeTREEverse where conscious communities connect to coelevate, collaborate, and cocreate a better tomorrow.

My religion is Love ❤️

🧘‍♀️DM me for my free daily practice meditation for manifestation

Connector ⛓ Catalyst 🔥 Creator 🪄

🎙Host of Securing The Future Podcast

✳️Club Founder:: Future Advisory Board and Treedom
Moderator:: Future Advisory Board, Treedom, Human101 Club, Sustainable Leadership Club, NFTS.Tips
✳️ Ascend Thursday:: @ 1pm EST/ 10am PST
✳️ Cybersecurity Week in Review:: Fridays @ 2pm EST/ 11am PST

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Join my VIP Email, Whitelist on Discord, or Signal Group

Join Treedom 🌳 and Future Advisory Board Club

Link in Instagram Bio to download invites

⚡️Flow Retreat Facilitator
👋Energy Healer

Ask me about::
🌱2021 Personal Evolution Collaboration Challenge
🦄Creative Disruption of Education
🌎 Cocreation of Virtual Worlds
💸Crypto Currency, DeFi, NFT & Virtual Real Estate
🔐Cybersecurity Sunday & Week in Review on Clubhouse
🌈Being Raised By Hippies
🏝TREEDOM Treehouse Retreat

I love speaking about Coelevation, Consciousness, Manifestation, Sales, Business Development, and Public Speaking

Invited by: Marcos Christodonte II

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