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Heartist!!! ♥️ Founder/Inventor/Tinkerer:
Entertainment AI™ (Infinite Story™), Sceneplay (Be the Story™), Smartscript™, Fanpulse®, Gracenote, ION


Chasing “Democratic Cinema,” since I was a teen....They call me “Mother of Smart Contracts”

CoCreation, AI, XR, Metadata, MicroMetadata, Privacy Advocate, Distributed Systems, Blockchain, NFT, DAO.

🧬“Grow stories, don’t tell them.” 1988
🌀”Don’t be a viewer, come be a doer.” 1993
🕹”You must engage the viewer. They don’t just play music or play videos, they play with them.” 1993 Billboard
💃 “Dance with the data!” 1993
🕶 “Everyone wants their 15 megabytes of fame! 1992
💓 “Life after shipping”🫀
💿 “Your CD is the key.”🗝
💾 “It’s all about the metadata, baby!”
💲”If you want my data, pay me for it!”
🎨 “The Audience is the Artist!”
💡”Taking the idea of the idea back!”
🌈”Not IoT, it’s IoN, the Internet of Nouns: People, Places, and Things”
♾ “Living Story has no end”
🖼”Art is not a four letter word”
🙏🏻”Truth is a worthy pursuit, but it’s not too high scoring.” (Scrabble)
💾 “Technology has a point of view. But it doesn’t care.”
💋 “Kiss My Brain!”

-Omnidirectional Storytelling 🌀
-Early Interactive Cinema Systems, branching and nonbranching 🎞
-1st Interactive Music Label - ION 🎶
-1st Interactive Music Video (Bowie)
-1st Musician hosted chat (Bowie)
-Early Interactive Cinema System, non-branching & branching
-ION invented Enhanced CDs, made early VR & 3D tech, #DaveVR
-Early online streaming using CU See Me (House of Blues, Jazz Fest.) 1995
-Early interactive and immersive experiences for every song on a disc!
-“CDKey” hash-based identification, provenance, authenticity, and ownership to enable unlocking related content & experiences
-1st intelligent media player (GoCD)
-First Crowdsourced Company (Gracenote)
-Coined the term “Social Video”
- Dynamic Cryptographic Rights Management Hierarchy on a Tokenized Value Exchange, monetized with “MicroCash” (before Satoshi) #Sceneplay
-1st shoot & share 360 video capture app that used accelerometer to navigate
-Coined the term “Proof of Participation”
-1st SongPano (Blaqstarr -She is Love)

Advisor: (Summer Watson, Pusha T)
Mentor: SparkLabs Korea!
Member: IEEE Global Ethics Committee on Autonomous Computing, AI/S, XR

Author: Human-Centered Storytelling™

Speaker: SXSW, UN Blockchain for Good, UN AI for Good, CES, VRLA, AWE, Computer History Museum, +++

Invited by: Julie Albright

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