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💼Founder of The Royal Interval
The Music Industry's Solution to Fully Entering the Digital Sphere 📱
Ergonomic Cloud Technology Platform For Artists 💭
🎤 Co-Manager to Recording Artist Caroline Sky
🎶 A&R at Relmore Entertainment
💡 Proven Track Record in Launching Start-ups, Building Social Media Brands, & Scouting and Managing Artists
💥Experience Working With: Major Recording Studios, Event Sponsors, Media Outlets, & Online Social Media and Music Platforms
⚡ Key Activator & Connector | Expertly Building Brands & Breaking Bands
🗣 Additional Passions Include: Creative Writing, Sports, Traveling the Globe, Going to Concerts, Connecting With New People, & Making A Difference
Looking to Network & Collaborate with other Entrepreneurs/Professionals!
DM Me to Connect | @rowerowe
📩 [email protected]

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