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🎬Producer of film and TV and Co-owner of Kobalt Films LLC.
Kobalt Films mission is to bring diversity to film and television through diverse and inspiring stories across all genres both fiction and non-fiction. The vision being to help grow both established and emerging talent into the spotlight as well as helping grow women in the industry in all areas.

⭐️Projects include:
Mira Supernatural Assassin
Latina coming of age series
Latina Daytime talk show
Drag Queen Documentary Series

🎥Prior talent agent and casting director.

Anthropologist , historian, English major and Leadership minor from Arizona State University.

📖Author of the Mira book series, soon to be a feature film. Writer for online and print magazines and journals. Writer of short stories on the supernatural and fantasy.
Writer of poetry.

Advocate for sexual, mental and physical abuse, suicide and mental illness.

Survivor of fibromyalgia and gastroparesis, sepsis and a heart attack.

Social media influencer and strategist.

💸Entrepreneur and stay at home mom, boss lady, mentor, coach, public speaker guiding other women to find their passions and meet their goals in life.

Mom of 3 and married to my soul mate for more than half my life.

Devoted to living a lifestyle of positivity and manifestation.

📈Grow your success and reach your goals by manifesting your desires like a magnet! 🧲

Please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] if it’s not film related.
For anything film/industry related email me at [email protected]

Find/friend me on Facebook @vinakent
And follow me on TikTok @vinamkent

I look forward to connecting with you!

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